Over the past years, when you talk of collegiate football, it has always been an affair of the annual conference. Yeah, it is kind of a conference because all high schools get prepared and are in the frenzied mood. They are strategizing and mapping out tactics of how to come out the top of the competition. One can also See the contents of, and learn more about how football has become a hot option for betting.

The United States Media are always in fraternity with the conference. You can’t blame the media because it is a season during which they will have get adequate and detailed news report. As more informative and balanced reporting of the conference, the high volume of sales for the print media, and more advertorial as well for the broadcast media.

 Recall that last year, the Top Ten had a record of 1-6 in their popular bowl game, and this secured 7 places for them in the bowl game. That was an encouraging performance as you may want to say. I can’t agree less with you.

If past records are anything to go by, then I can as a matter of fact that this year, will not be anything less than a greater breaking of new records. I will sit by and watch events as they unfold.

Now, let us take a very cursory look at the top ten in the conference, and these are;

  • PENN STATE LITANY LIONS: Coach Joe Paterno is assembling a very formidable and highly talented team this year. I am confident, if what he has assembled are to be nurtured and trained with the dexterity he is known for, then, this team is to be watched for great exploits in the conference. Recall that the team lost three of their formidable players last year to other clubs, this will not be a drawback at all with Evan Royster leading the pack.
  • MICHIGAN WOLVERINES: It appears that the Wolverines are not in a hurry to be in contention with the Buckeyes anytime soon during this year. If you think that will stop them from earning some victories during this year, you will be making a great mistake. Notwithstanding also the scandal hanging around the neck of Rich Rodriguez. Winnings will come their way.
  • OHIO STATE: Ohio State University can be said to be the pivot upon which collegiate football gravitates. I boldly say this, because of the power packed into the team. This, thus makes the University the powerhouse indeed. This team is blessed with a seasoned Coach, Jim Tressel, heading the coaching crew. Although, they have lost some valuable players such as Beanie Wells, James Laurinaitis and others that are vital to the defense and attacking department of the team. Notwithstanding this, the team is parading capable hands. It is like, what they have lost, is recouped in the double by the recent recruits of new players. One of the things that will be exciting for “Buckeyes” (as the team is fondly called) and its ubiquitous fans is Terrelle Pryor. He is newly signed on to man the quarterback.
  • IOWA HAWKEYES: Smarting up from a recent beautiful performance last year. It appears they are here for an improved performance. Let no team underrate this team or else, such a team may have it itself to blame should have an encounter with the Hawkeyes.
  • MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS: I respect the managerial sense of the Head Coach of this team, Mark Dantonio. It has been his character, that at the beginning of every new season, he will recruit new hands into the team. You may want to ask, what has been the effect? I will tell you that the Team is becoming stronger each year. Yeah, the effort is, after all, paying off. He has also built up a very formidable midfield in Lansing. You better watch out for them.
  • WISCONSIN BADGERS: This team started tops in the polls of the top ten, but could not sustain the steam. It came down drastically to the bottom of the ladder. Yet again, even in the grouping of the Top 25 team, it failed to maintain a seat in that grouping. They will need to fight the battle of their life in this year’s conference for them to maintain their club. Ironically, the crops of the players paraded by this team are well talented but lack good coaching crew. That is their undoing.
  • MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS: This team is still celebrating in the euphoria of building a new stadium for itself. Good as it is. However, the good stadium does not win matches for its owners, rather it is the team that does. They must work very hard because they will be meeting with many clubs that are fully prepared for this year’s conference.
  • NORTHWESTERN WILDCATS: I really do not know how to describe this team, without being accused of bias. However, I hasten to call them the epitome of extra-achievers. Notwithstanding the fact that, they have not succeeded in signing on notable footballers, yet they have achieved a lot. They have proven that a big name does not win matches, rather your preparation and hard work does. I am at lost either to call Pat Fitzgerald a very lucky man being gifted with determined crops of players or simply he is the best in the country. I am sure one of these two will fit him properly.
  • INDIANA HOOSIERS: Some two years, Indiana had a good team. However, all the promises made by their showings in the past was completely erased through their unimpressive performance. Do not expect an impressive performance from them. They may end up disappointing you.
  • PURDUE BOILERMAKERS: Purdue once had a nice and formidable team in the recent years gone by. However, it is now history. The reason for this downturn in their fortune can adduce to the retirement of their Head Coach. Let us look at what they will offer in this conference as a new Coach is now in the saddle.

These are the top ten to watch out for in this year collegiate football conference.